Women – The Snapchat addicts in 2018

Snapchat is the most used social media application today, and 70% of its users are said to be women. Snapchat can be used to send messages in the form of pictures or short ten seconds videos that disappear after they are viewed if send in private chats. The snap story disappears after 24 hours, which are saved in snapchat memories. Snapchat has brought the messaging thing to a whole new level. Sending text messages can sometimes be too boring. Instead typing a message on your selfie, or a nice background is a hell more of an interesting idea.

Ever since, snapchat has been designed, people seem to have forgotten their actual phone cameras. Users love snapchat camera, its snap results and all of the amazing filters it offers. Snapchat helps people capture beauty, and rejoice it later for the rest of their lives. Today, people are becoming tired of Facebook and the new generations are highly attracted towards photo sharing apps like Instagram and snapchat.

The story feature was introduced by snapchat, and the users loved it so much that they switched from other apps towards snapchat. Other Social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, and even WhatsApp copied this feature, but it failed to draw the attention of more users towards it. Instagram, too introduced the filter features to put snapchat down, but the snapchat freaks won’t stop using it anyway.

Snapchat is successful because of women

It is no wrong to say that snapchat has reached the heights of success because of women. The percentage of women using snapchat is increasing day by day, and that is enough to say that snapchat is ruled by women. Women and youngsters seem to be obsessed with snapchat.

Women love to take selfies. They want to capture every moment. Also, they anything that makes them look more beautiful. Snapchat works like makeup for them. The filters that the app contains attracts more women towards it.

Interesting way of communication

The fun and the most liked part of snapchat is that people can send weird pictures to their friends and they can only view it for not more than a few seconds. And everyone knows, women love to be weird. Moreover, a picture with a text is more appealing than your regular phone messages.

Snaps every moment

Women also  like to post on instagram every moment to gain more exposure with Followers On Instagram. They want to let people know what they have been doing all day. They post stories about what they eat, what they cook, where they go with their friends.

Snapchat Yourself

Snapchat users can even snapchat themselves. They can send a picture of themselves to themselves in their private chats.

Maintaining snap streaks

Women love to maintain snap streaks on snapchat. If you send one snap to your friend for three days within 24 hours, a snap streak begins. Later, in order to maintain that streak you have to send a snap daily within 24 hours.

Snapchat filters

The most amazing thing about snapchat is its filters. The cute animal filters are most liked by youngsters and women.