Why Social Media is Important

Social media aids people in many different places in many different ways. It can help people with their jobs, spread information, and make and keep friends. Many young people depend on social media for these reasons, and it may be the reason the current generation is one of the most social generations. All of these reasons are why social media is a good thing and has a positive impact on today’s society and world.

Social media can help people with employment.

Artists and musicians especially can share their work with others and build up a fan base to get them attention and credit for their work. Anyone can use it, though, to create online resumes or portfolios to quickly and easily to share with their potential employers. Social media can also help people find opportunities to apply for work. This allows people in secluded areas to find work around them or to find possibilities outside of what they’d considered before. Independent businesses can also benefit from social media. By creating and promoting ads, people who own small businesses can gain popularity and earn them money. Small businesses can also benefit from social media by building a credible reputation as more people use it and review it. Some businesses Buy Real Active Instagram Followers to increase their audiences for marketing purpose. Doing this will give them popularity and therefor more people give them attention and typically leave good reviews. Some opponents say that artists can easily have their work stolen, and while this is true to an extent, it is easy to ensure that you are the original poster and artists and can get the credit for the work by protecting it with extra measures like watermarks.

Social media can also be used for information.

For teens and children, and even college students or adults, they can find a tutoring service or other people on social media who are able to teach them about a certain subject. This gives people the utilities to do better in school and encourages people to offer help to those who need it. This creates a more helpful and caring society. Secondly, social media can spread information quickly and efficiently. By posting one thing, and getting a lot of attention on it, other people see it and information spreads quickly. For example, the information on what you need to do in your state in order to be able to vote can be spread quickly and social media can be used to remind people closer to the deadline that they need to register. It can also be used in classrooms by creating pages or “classes” on different social media websites and teachers can remind their students about tests, exams, assignments, homework, and many other things. This encourages students to stay on task and pace themselves for school. On the other hand, false information can be easily spread. Usually, though, there is a group of people who check the source and can verify if the news is fake or real. Lastly, it can create change. In spreading information, people can learn about a group or cause. In doing this, this can change a societal view on certain subjects by gaining the group or cause attention on social media. This can aid to things like the de-stigmatization of LGBT communities, people of color, and many others.

Social media helps people with friendships and relationships.

For people who make friends who move to somewhere far away, they can stay in touch through social media. I’ve used this multiple times in my life. My friend housed a foreign exchange student who I became very good friends with. When he moved back to Germany, I’ve used social media like Snapchat and Instagram to keep in touch with him. Social media can also let people makes friends with common interests. This creates a community feeling and lets people feel like they’re not alone. I’ve also used this in my life. I have Type One Diabetes, so using websites where other kids who are Diabetic can connect has really helped me feel less alone in my almost fourteen years of having the diagnosis. Without social media I don’t think I would have any friends who are diabetic, which would make for a very lonely life. Lastly, people can use many of the dating apps available to branch out to people in their community and create many types of relationships with many people. This could lead to romantic relationships and friendships. This connects to the “community” idea I referenced earlier. Using dating apps can open people’s minds to relationships with people they wouldn’t have considered before. Also, with dating apps, they typically match when both people agree that they want to talk to the other. This gets rid of the uncertainty of not knowing if someone is physically attracted to you or wants to have a relationship of any kind with you. Nevertheless, there is a fad called “catfishing” where someone fakes an identity and tricks the person they are talking to into thinking they are someone else. This is heartbreaking for people who develop a good relationship with someone and figure out that someone is not who they say they are.

In conclusion, social media has a positive overall impact on today’s society. People old and young depend on social media for many other reasons than the ones I listed above. It connects people, lets people learn how to relate to one another, and has taught many people how to have compassion and empathy for other humans. The role social media has in today’s culture is significant, and while it does have its downsides like everything does, it overall has a positive effect on today’s world. Social media can help people with their jobs, spread information, and make and keep friends.