Instagram and Snapchat are preferable in the young market for 2019

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms. It has been topping for many years as the favorite among all age groups considering normal users. If we talk about brand advertising, then again Facebook leads the way in all types of brand advertisement. If we focus on the teen age group, then Facebook is not being used that much by this age group. In fact, Instagram and Snapchat have taken the lead. Snapchat being at the top and Instagram at the second shows that teenagers are more into these picture sharing platforms then these conversational social media platforms. Facebook users that are of this certain age group are being declined every year and Instagram, Snapchat users are being increased yearly.

Some Surprising Stats

Statistics have shown that Facebook is losing its grip from the younger market. Teens are more into using Snapchat and Instagram. Majority of them don’t care about the Facebook and Twitter, this may be because of the trend that is nowadays is the display of glamorous world through pictures and stories. Teenagers are using these platforms to advertise beauty brands which is very helpful for many brands. These brands include beauty brands, clothing brands and other brands. There is a rise in bloggers too which are of teen age. Blogging are more related to beauty and clothing brands then other brands.

Instagram & E-Commerce

Everything is now related to e-commerce now which makes the Instagram the number one social media platform. Brand advertisers are of also teen age especially the teenage girls are using this platform to advertise beauty brands and along with that the clothing bands. You will not find this much change in Facebook, Facebook does provide all these features but somehow teens are more into just the pictures and stories. This young generation is no more into using the ‘adding friends’ features. Now all the young generation is more into viewing the influencers of any discipline.

Influencers & Instagram

Following those influencers and learn about what they do with the help of these social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter are used older generation that have seen this platform as the first successful social media platform of their generation. The best way to increase influence is using the services to buy instagram followers cheap $1 because it gives fast promotion.


Due to these reasons Facebook is losing its young market. Facebook is doing a lot in terms attracting more and more advertisers to attract the market of any age, but Instagram is doing it better. Instagram is owned by Facebook which may be a reason behind it that users who are into pictures tend to shift towards Instagram and if users are more comfortable in the usual social media platform then Facebook is the one.

There are more factors in attracting the young market as Snapchat is still the number one social media platform among the young market which shows that the young generation is seeing the stories features more attractive and effective. These stories feature comes with many creative filters and the feature that shows the way of privacy of the users’ messages is the priority that the young generation wants.